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Money and the social media world – The Clout Bank

Alright, so all of us know that social media is a major part of everyday life in America right now, whether you have a business or you don’t.

So, how do people begin making money off social media? Making money off Instagram? Making money off Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and all the other sites out there even the few new ones like MeWe. I’m going to give y’all a huge tip that’s not hidden by any means, so, if you don’t already know and you’re wondering why you haven’t made any money you need to dig a little deeper. Or maybe you should stop digging so deep. First, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME. Don’t even waste your time on the videos that say stuff like “make $600 an hour” or “make $1000 right now!” they honestly don’t work, and if they are legit, it takes weeks on weeks to establish the market that you need for those things. My two main platforms for what I’m going to tell you about today are Instagram, whether that be DMs, comments, just regular posts, whatever else you choose to do on there, and then there’s a website. A website, very much like this one, can be used as a landing page. So, say on my Instagram there’s a link in my bio that leads to this website. With that, it sends people to my content page or another tab in my website called a funnel. The funnel, would have them possibly plug in an email or lead them to something niche related, to provide a product, service, or any information on something they need. This right here, will generate sales. Sales, from affiliate sites such as this one here where anyone can become a video game tester for new games, like literally major games before they’re even released seemed like an awesome link to me. So, go try it out if you want. Now, if you made it to this point without clicking those beautiful blue buttons, you suck and you should go check them out lol, for real it’s worth it. So, you see what I just did there? I literally from the jump stated you could make money one way, discredited the “get rich quick schemes” which really do suck btw like really they’ll never pay you, and also I showed you how to lose weight, a great promotion machine for your music, all of my social media links, advertised my website, my YouTube, and all of my music in one singular landing page that could potentially grab the attention of millions. Doing all of this, I also brought traffic to my blog which has ads, and even more affiliate links pasted broad day. My main goal here though is to tell you, if I, a rapper from a small little town in Tennessee can trick whoever i trick like that and produce one sale then you can to. Just know, I don’t like to trick people and the main point of doing it like this on this post was to show you. IT IS NOT AS HARD AS YOU ARE MAKING IT. Go get a website, spread the word on well, put it up everywhere. Get your hustle on you guys, I quit a job building rockets to be an affiliate marketing rapper that sells all types of trap related objects. You got this lol. Trust me.

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